Cartable+Convenience, LLC

The key with this product is convenience. Everyone knows how cumbersome it is to carry around a USB on a key chain, in your bag, on the floor of your car, or in some other spot where it and all of your important files on it will most likely become lost to the chaos of the world. Our USB seeks to solve this issue. Its sleek design (85mm X 54mm) enables you to carry it in your wallet as you would a credit card! Have your information and files on you at all times right in your pocket! Choose your capacity, customize it, and have it at your door within days. MOQ is 10! And yes, we do ship everywhere!



Welcome to Cartable Convenience! We specialize in high quality, customizable, wallet-sized accessories. Check out our wallet-sized USB cards, which you can customize to use as business cards, promotional items, or simply personal thumb drives. Upload your own pictures, texts, and even content onto the USBs! Keep an eye out for more products to follow, including but not limited to wallet-sized phone chargers and tool-cards. All products are 100% quality assured and covered by lifetime warranty. Enjoy the shopping!